February 22, 2024

Workshop on FREE4LIB's Battery Passport

On January 10, 2024, our partners from Universität Graz organised a virtual workshop, inviting the sister projects of FREE4LIB to delve into the development of the Battery Passport concept. This event provided an opportunity to showcase their advancements in the battery passport, a crucial element of the FREE4LIB project, and to explore potential synergies and collaboration opportunities with other related projects.

Specifically,the workshop facilitated an in-depth examination of:

  • The initial findings from the development of the FREE4LIB battery passport concept.
  • Anticipated challenges and opportunities for the industrial-scale implementation.
  • Discussions revolving around the necessity to distinguish between battery second use and recycling.

The Universität Graz partners outlined their role in the FREE4LIB project, emphasizing their contributions to data collection and processing as a first phase. These efforts aimed at developing a data model for a digital passport platform, bridging the information gap between the beginning-of-life and end-of-life phases of a battery.

As part of the Cluster Hub "Production of raw materials for batteries from European resources", FREE4LIB stands out by focusing on the creation of a digital battery passport within its project scope. While each project within the cluster hub closely monitors developments in others, it was gratifying to have numerous representatives from RHINOCEROS, RESPECT, and BATRAW projects participate in the session.

The interactive nature of the workshop allowed Universität Graz partners to gather valuable feedback from battery experts. This feedback is crucial in assessing the practical relevance of our work within the battery value chain. The insights garnered from this interactive session will significantly contribute to the ongoing work on the battery passport, underscoring the importance of synergies among similar EU-funded projects.

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