Feasible Recovery of critical raw materials through a new circular Ecosystem FOR a Li-Ion Battery cross-value chain in Europe

Making it easier to recycle and remanufacture end-of-life lithium-ion batteries. The transport sector is responsible for around one quarter of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions. Electric vehicles can contribute significantly to the decarbonisation of future road transport, but lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) remain an obstacle: they are not green enough to sufficiently reduce mobility footprints.

LIBs components rely on critical raw materials, which come from countries outside of the European Union, with low mining standards.

As vast amounts of electrical vehicles and stationary battery waste will emerge in the next years and considering that reliable and unhindered access to certain raw materials is a growing concern within the EU and across the globe, recycling would be the answer.

The recovery of lithium and other key materials is a complicated process that the EU-funded FREE4LIB project aims to simplify.

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