August 23, 2023

The clusterhub for production of raw materials for batteries from European resources

FREE4LIB is proud to be part of the “Clusterhubfor production of raw materials for batteries from European resources”, along with eleven other European projects.

The raw materials for batteries clusterhub ( is a knowledge exchange platform, where the partners – all European-funded projects – can exchange on the production of materials for Li-ion batteries, at the heart of their research. The cluster hub was created in November 2022 and aims at fostering innovations in the field of recycling of batteries and the production of raw materials for battery applications from primary and secondary resources available in Europe.

FREE4LIB is very happy to be able to exchange freely amongst the scientific and stakeholder community on a subject which is central to its own development. FREE4LIB is thankful for the cluster hub, and its partner projects, to allow such a thriving and rich platform of innovation, on the subject of battery recycling and critical raw materials.



Learn moreabout FREE4LIB’s partner projects:

-         CROCODILE (Compact system for the efficient Recovery Of CObalt Designed withnovel Integrated LEading technologies)

-         RHINOCEROS (Batteries reuse and direct production of high performances cathodicand anodic materials and other raw materials from batteries recycling using lowcosts and environmentally friendly technologies)

-         BATRAW (Recycling of end-of-life batterypacks for domestic raw material supply chains and enhanced circular economy)

-         RESPECT (Flexible, safe & efficient REcycling of Li-on batterieS for comPetitive,circular, and sustainable European ManufaCTuring industry)

-         LICORNE (Lithium recovery and battery-grade materials production from Europeanresources)

-         RELIEF (Recycling of Lithium from Secondary Raw Materials and Further)

-         ENICON (Sustainable processing of Europe’s low-grade sulphidic and lateriticnickel/cobalt ores and tailings into battery-grade metals)

-         RAWMINA (Integrated innovative pilot systemfor Critical Raw Materials recovery from mices wastes in a circular economycontext

-         CRM-geothermal (Raw materials from geothermal fluids)

-         METALLICO (Demonstration of battery metals recovery from primary and secondaryresources through a sustainable processing methodology)

-         EXCEED (Cost-effective, sustainable and responsible extraction routes for recoveringdistinct critical metals and industrial minerals as by-products from keyEuropean hard-rock lithium projects)

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