February 28, 2024

4th General Assembly

On 23 February, the 4th General Assembly of FREE4LIB took place online with all the partners, emphasizing the commitment to make a significant impact on the sustainability of Li-Ion batteries (LIBs).
The GA provided a dynamic platform for the partners to exchange ideas and drive forward the project, centered on battery recycling, aiming to guarantee the recovery and circularity of critical raw materials.
As we celebrate the 18-month anniversary and end of the first phase of the FREE4LIB project, this GA marks a significant milestone. WP leaders presented the work of the different parts of the project, reviewing milestones achieved in the past 6 months such as:
  • Analysis of LIBs End-Of-Life value chain, data collection, and material characterization;
  • Robotically supported dismantling, pre-treatment, and sorting of LIBs;
  • The conceptualization of a Battery Passport.
All the WP leaders' presentations were also an opportunity to present the next steps focusing on aspects such as:
  • State-of-health assessment and 2nd life battery assembly;
  • Recycling of the different metals and materials found in EOL batteries;
  • Development of the battery passport;
  • Scaling-up of the recycling and remanufacturing technologies.
FREE4LIB partners from EURECAT and FBK also organized, at the end of the GA, a workshop to introduce a data platform aimed at centralizing the information gathered by all participating entities. This new centralized platform is strategically designed to enhance efficiency in achieving our collective objectives in the upcoming months and for the success of the project. In addition to centralizing information among partners, this platform will enable us to identify new areas to focus on in the coming months, thus further improving the project.

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